HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection

HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection

 HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection

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I am a little in love with Canadian haircare brand Voir and shortly after finally reviewing a number of products from their core collection, Voir released an extension to their Walk in the Sun line with a focus on damaged, sun-exposed and bleached hair that was gentle enough for everyday use while simultaneously hydrating and repairing the hair shaft. At the time of my first review, the only product in the Walk in the Sun line was the ultra fancy, delightfully scented Luxury Hair Oil so having more products that smell like this one was something I was overjoyed to try!

HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
Firstly, the packaging for the shampoo and conditioner bottles is super cute and sleek! The labels are actually printed onto the squeezy plastic bottles and the flip top caps make it easy to pour out product one-handed in the shower!
HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
Moisturizing and Repairing ShampooHAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
Safe enough for coloured hair AND washing every day, this shampoo is silicone, sulfate and phthalate-free and contains Voir’s 5 Marin Seaweed Complex, Soybean Lipid Complex and Cranberry Oil. This shampoo (and pretty much all of Voir’s products) use natural fragrance with this shampoo having fragrance notes of mandarin, ylang ylang, blackberries, vanilla, sweet musk and amber. This lathered satisfyingly well and I really felt like my hair was clean. Though I didn’t shampoo everyday, I have been doing it every other day and I have not found that my scalp or hair has gotten too dry. As there are no silicones, my hair did not feel smooth after rinsing this off. If anything, my hair felt more textured and tangly so I needed to be gentle when running my hands over it to squeeze out excess water.
Moisturizing and Repairing ConditionerHAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection

The conditioner has the same key ingredients and fragrance as the shampoo and works to detangle and smooth the hair cuticle while infusing hair with intense hydration. This conditioner works best when applied to mid-lengths of hair to the ends and while it did improve the texture of my hair after shampooing, I still felt like my hair was drier than usual and looked a bit frizzy. I was really rooting for this conditioner, but after multiple uses I felt like I needed those gosh darn silicones to give my hair the desired texture I was looking for.
Luxury Hair OilHAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
I won’t say too much more about the luxury hair oil as I have already reviewed it in my previous Voir post, but if you are looking to get introduced to just one product in the Walk in the Sun collection, THIS hair oil is it! It’s lightweight and can be used repeatedly throughout the day or on successive no-wash days (at least for my dry hair) without weighing hair down. If anything, my ends just drink this stuff right up!
Inside Out Moisturizing and Repairing Masque
HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection

This mask is the gamechanger! This is meant to be used 1-2x/week in place of conditioner for an ultra repairing, hair restoration treatment. To give you a sense of how dry and damaged my hair is, after a few weeks of suffering through the conditioner, I decided just to use THIS mask as my conditioner and the texture of my hair did a complete 360! It felt smoother, softer and though I had to spray some volume boosting products at my roots to give me some volume the next day, I would much rather use this masque in place of the conditioner!
Moisturizing Heat and UV Protecting Mist
HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
I ALWAYS use a thermal hair protector especially when I am at the height of being blonde, but this product is more than that! Not only does it protect against heat and UV rays, but it is also a lightweight hydrating mist and hair perfume! It doesn’t weigh hair down or make it feel crunchy like hairspray and the mist truly is very fine so you get an even dispersion of product everywhere you need it to go instead of globbed onto one area.
HAIR | Voir A Walk in the Sun Collection
Final verdict: Sadly, the shampoo and conditioner were the two things I was REALLY hoping to love, but ended finding them not quite enough for my very dry, coarse and colour-treated hair. What I DID love were the masque and the mist and of course the hair oil is a must-have or must-try if you are new to Voir!

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