HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)

HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)

HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
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I first took note of Voir when I saw it grace @thestoryofmar’s Instagram a number of times. When it comes to a good product/brand, Marion is one of the few I trust! Initially, the packaging caught my eye and then when I realized Voir was Canadian, I was even more intrigued as there are not that many Canadian haircare companies. I made in vow in 2020 to support more Canadian brands so this is when I made my first purchase!
Sunrise Rituals Signature Shampoo and Sunset Rituals Conditioner
HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
This duo is a lactic and hyaluronic acid-infused botanical blend that work to bring hydration, volume, nourishment and strength to hair. I purchased the shampoo and conditioner after trying some samples, but sadly after a couple of uses this was not the best duo for my hair. I reeeeallllly wanted to like them as I adore Voir’s other products, but my colour-treated hair just did not respond. 
While the scent of both products was delightfully luxurious, it was hydration and volume that were the issues for my hair. The shampoo lathered well and left my hair and scalp feeling clean, but not hydrated enough. Usually conditioner tends to fix this for me, but again it still wasn’t enough and I also felt like even after I blow-dried my hair with my head upside down, I did not get the same volume as I did with other shampoo and conditioner duos. My hair did have fewer flyaways, but less body than what I was used to. I tried a more hydrating conditioner from another brand that had worked in the past and it worked at improving the condition of hair so I believe the conditioner was definitely not enough for me. Seeing reviews of this duo, I think I may be the black sheep of the family because everyone else seemed to love it! My hair is incredibly coarse and damaged so non-silicone products don’t always work well for me, but don’t let this discourage you from trying these out! 
Rhythm of the Rain Hair Masque and Scalp Detox
HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
Now, here is where we get into the good stuff! I think all in-shower hair masks should be less than 5 minutes and this one is THREE MINUTES. I literally feel my hair and scalp improving with every minute of massaging! This not only conditions, detoxes and revitalizes your hair, but your scalp too as it can be used from root to tip without any worry of weighing hair down. This creamy hair masque soothes a dry, flaky scalp (*raises hand*) and is great in the summer or high humidity at controlling sebum production. I have already finished one tube and am on my second! I have been using this product weekly for two years and I do not plan on stopping! This product is a must-have masque!
A Walk in the Sun Luxury Hair Oil
HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
This hair oil will make you never want to use another hair oil just on the scent ALONE! I don’t know what it is about this scent, but with its blend of cucumber, watermelon, cyclamen, honeysuckle and amber, I IMMEDIATELY feel better, more relaxed and happier. If Voir ever came out with a bodycare line with this scent, I am THERE because I find myself already rubbing any leftover oil from hair onto my body! 

This is a lightweight, non-greasy oil featuring jojoba, rosehip and sunflower oil that lock in moisture and is best used on damp hair. This is so lightweight that I can use it daily between shampoos as a way to bring out shine in my hair. One pump is all I need for my mid-length to ends and can also be used to take care of flyaways and frizz!
Rainforest Mist Flawless Finish Hairspray
HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
Firstly, this hairspray has a new updated formula which I have not tried yet so this review is for the old formulation. This is fine mist hairspray with light to medium hold and is most importantly for me, non-aerosal! This also has a really nice floral musk scent and contains hydrolyzed keratin in it to strengthen hair while keeping it in place! Sometimes I miss the continuous spray aspect of aerosol hairsprays, but I know that environmentally speaking, this is the better way to go. I still have a couple of aerosol hairsprays to get through, but going forward I would definitely opt for this!
She’s Like the Wind Invisible Dry Shampoo ConditionerHAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)
This photo is my second bottle of this stuff because it is by far one of the best dry shampoos I have ever used! I don’t know what is in this witchcraft of a formula because this micro-powder dry shampoo seems to make my hair look better the longer I don’t wash it! This powder is a blend of wildberry complex, green tea extract and kakadu plum extract and is scented with orchid, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and amber. The scent doesn’t really hang around too much, but is still pleasant upon first “puff”. 
This is one of those dry shampoos that puffs out clouds of product so just lift up your hair and stay close to your roots for best results. I use this BEFORE I go to bed so that I literally wake up with volumized hair! I have used other power dry shampoos, but none of them worked as well as this one so this product is always going to be a staple for me!
HAIR | Getting to Know Voir Haircare (Made in Canada!)

Have you tried Voir Haircare? 


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