What I Packed: Summer Beach Vacation

What I Packed: Summer Beach Vacation

Since I’m at the beach this week, I thought I’d put together a beach vacation packing post. This isn’t a “what to pack” post as much as it is “what I packed” because I am an unapologetic over-packer. I hate to get to a destination and wish I had more options, and that happens every time I try to pare down my packing, so my rule is: If in doubt, throw it in.


outfit details (not what I actually wore)

Although, I did fit everything on this list into my medium size suitcase, so while I may have a few more options than absolutely necessary, I don’t think it’s overkill… but I suppose everyone has a different opinion on that!

What I Packed: Summer Beach Vacation

#1. Shorts & Pants. I usually start packing by choosing a few versatile bottoms. I stuck with neutrals so I can bring a variety of tops without thinking through each outfit. They are all pretty much interchangable.

In this case, I wore my AG cutoff jean shorts and Sunkissed Tee to travel in, but I still threw the KUT from the Kloth utility shorts in case I end up wanting another pair of jean shorts. I also packed a pair of white shorts and a pair of olive shorts, as well as a pair of blue jeans and white jeans. Sometimes it gets chilly at night, and I never like to be without a pair of jeans, even in the summertime. The white jeans are for dinners out and whatnot.

#2. Tops. Since I packed all neutral bottoms, I can pretty much throw in any of my favorite tops and t-shirts and know they will work without having to think through each outfit. I started by picking my favorite casual tanks and graphic tees for everyday wear, and then I added a couple more elevated tops that I can wear out to dinner. We’re planning to eat out a couple of nights on this trip.

I also like to have a sweatshirt or sweater for cool mornings and evenings, but I totally forgot to pack one of those this time! I was doing it all last minute, as life has been a bit crazy lately. Thankfully, I did throw in one long sleeve top, which I was planning to wear with shorts, but I’m wearing it with the Frank & Eileen Gaucho Jeans this morning, as it was a little chilly, and I wanted to sit out on the screened porch to write this post.

#3. Dress. I also threw in one casual linen dress, in case I want to wear that instead of white jeans to dinner one night. (By the way, that dress is on sale at Bloomies right now!)


Tommy Bahama Palma A Dora Sleeveless Sheath Dress (M) // similar P448 John (39)

#4. Shoes. I wore my Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle Slides in the neutral Sandcastle (appropriate for a beach vacay, right???) for driving down yesterday. They go with everything I packed, and they’re comfortable to wear if we do any walking or sightseeing.

I also threw in my beek Sunbeam Flip Flops as another sandal option that isn’t quite as bulky, and they’re also super versatile. I can even wear them on the beach, so this is probably the first beach vacation in 10 years that I haven’t packed my Tory Burch Miller Sandals. In addition to that, all I brought for footwear was my Brooks running shoes.


#5. Swimsuits & Coverups. I packed 4 swimsuits and 2 cover-ups, and I’m sure I don’t need them all, but I’ll probably end up wearing them all. As I said, I like options! I also packed my favorite packable beach tote.

#6. Pajamas. I like to bring a long pair (pants & top) and a short pair (shorts & top) because I never know if the place where I’m staying will be cold or hot. I also brought my favorite robe, for wearing after my showers while I get ready in the mornings. FYI, all of those Soma items are on sale right now!

#7. Activewear. I’m trying to get back into my walking/running habit, now that my ankle is better, so I brought my favorite sports bra and a pair of running shorts and a tank top. We have a washer/dryer, so I figured I didn’t need more than one set, but I will probably regret that. I stuffed a pair of Bombas ankle socks in my sneakers.


Vuori Clemintine 2.0 (M) // Vuori Sunrise Crop Tank (L) // On Cloud Sneakers (9)

8. Loungewear. I always bring comfortable pants when I travel – something to throw on in the mornings or evenings, when I don’t want to wear pajamas but I don’t want to wear real clothes either. My new white Frank & Eileen Malibu Travel Set seemed like the perfect thing for this trip.

9. Miscellaneous mentions. Once I got my clothes and beach gear squared away, I threw in my travel toiletry bag that I keep stocked at all times and my travel makeup. I also brought my Dyson hair dryer and straightener. Yes, I know it’s the beach. What can I say? I am high maintenance.

I also brought my laptop tote and a raffia shoulder bag to carry when we go out to dinner, and I think that about covers it!


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