Megan Thee Stallion Debuted Blunt Bangs for Summer

Megan Thee Stallion Debuted Blunt Bangs for Summer

Megan Thee Stallion wearing a gold bra top


TikTok trends and “cores” tend to die out quickly, but that’s not the case for bows. Hyper-feminine styles and bow accessories are still going strong in fashion and beauty and for good reason. Simply put, bows are cute! Who doesn’t want to wrap a pink bow around their hair? And, with celebrities giving the trend a second wave for summer, hair bows aren’t going away anytime soon. Just last week, Chloë Sevigny styled her hair with a long black bow, and Cardi B dotted her hair with a ton of mini bows. And, over the weekend, we finally saw style icon Megan Thee Stallion put her twist on the trend.

If you’re ever feeling in a creative style slump look no further than Thee Stallion. From vintage Marilyn Monroe waves to cotton candy bobs inspired by video games, she’s tried it all—but her latest look is her cutest yet. On June 1, the singer posted a video to Instagram showing off her coquette-inspired look.

Meg just made it official: Bows are for the hotties. "GOOD MORNING ATLANTA HOTTIES," wrote the 29-year-old in the caption of the video, where she wore a matching lace bow and sheer dress. The large pink lacy bow was tied around the base of her wavy pony, and matched the sunset-hued lace of her dress. The long lace bow peeked out of her pony, and straight blunt bangs rested on the tops of her eyebrows.

In every look, Megan makes sure to pay attention to detail. She matched the baby pink shade in her dress to her eyeshadow and lipstick to create a monochromatic glam look that made the look feel cohesive and put together. Graphic winged black liner and fluttery lashes added to the coquette aesthetic of the outfit, as did her two-toned lip look that featured a darker lip liner complimented by a soft pink shade.

Megan Thee Stallion wearing a bang haircut styled with a bow.


Thee Stallion is in her bow era, and we can't blame her. A bow can be the sweetest finishing touch to any look, and we'll be wearing one all summer long.


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