Texas Blonde Is the Boldest Way to Go Bright this Summer

Texas Blonde Is the Boldest Way to Go Bright this Summer

Beyonce with Texas Blonde hair and a cowgirl hat


In May 2008, a whopping 15 years ago, Dallas Magazine asked a big question: “Ours is the only city in the country that evokes a hair color. Just how did that happen?” While the answer was multi-pronged, the query itself brought up an excellent point—especially when we consider the beauty landscape of today. While so many trend names describe a style’s tone exactly (see sunset blush and cherry cola hair), this summer’s favorite hue, “Texas blonde,” requires a little more interpretation.

“Like everything in Texas, I define Texas Blonde as extra. This means blonder and brighter,” notes celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy, the man responsible for famous Texas blonde Miranda Lambert’s locks. “This could work with mutable tones, and could also be done with foils, balayage, or single process color. Just think ‘extra.'”

Texas Blonde as we know it today is not the same as Dallas blonde—it's something more. Ahead, everything you need to know about Texas Blonde: this summer's biggest (you know what they say about Texas) color trend.

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton

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What Is Texas Blonde Hair?

The experts are saying that summer 2024 is all about the blonde, whether that means classic blonde highlights or warm honey and “frozen butter” shades.

“Everything is bigger in Texas, so Texas Blonde is different tones and variations of super blonde hair,” explains celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, the artist behind Texan sweetheart Beyoncé’s blonde hair color(s).

While multiple shades fit under the Texas Blonde umbrella, there's a distinct aspect that ties them all together—this hair is not natural. Instead, it's dyed and proud of it, the work of an artist with a palette of peroxide.

Miranda Lambert

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The Inspiration

I won’t say Texas hasn’t been popular for a while—just look at the sheer amount of bachelorette trips in Austin. Still, theres absolutely a specific trendsetter to pinpoint here: Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles Carter.

“I think the popularity of country music has a lot to do with the trend. Some of the biggest female country singers, Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert  (who even has a song about being platinum), and Carrie Underwood have been Texas blonde for a while,” explains Lavoy. “But when Beyoncé enters the chat with waist-length platinum hair, you can expect it to hit mainstream.”

While the artist's Renaissance era marked the beginning of a major blonde moment, the release of "Texas Hold 'Em" and subsequent announcement of Cowboy Carter took things even further. These days, Beyoncé is consistently rocking western wear that highlights her blonde locks.

"Generally as summer approaches, hair gradually gets brighter and lighter," Hazan adds. "This year, pop country music and style is becoming more popular."

How to Get the Look

If you’re not blonde or blonde-ish already, going platinum is a feat. It can be done! Without a lot of damage, even. But please, before pulling out the bleach, consider the maintenance.

“It will be costly, frequent, and sometimes damaging. At home care is also important so if you’re going to make the investment make sure your also purchase quality hair products to keep [your hair] blonde and healthy,” says Lavoy. He especially loves Redken’s Acidic Bonding System (“it’s going to help repair damage and make your hair stronger”), Moroccanoil’s brand-new Purple Treatment ($38) (“great for not only the health of the hair but controlling brass”), and Color Wow Color Control Toning + Styling Foams ($24) (“they make a violet to cast out yellow and a blue to neutralize orange; it’s great for different tones”).

Beyonce with Texas Blonde hair


The artist also recommends bringing your hairdresser a good reference photo. You want to make sure your Texas blond is achievable, and that it'll look nice on you specifically.

As for what shade to go for, Hazan has some ideas.

"Depending on your skin tone, pick a blonde that works well with your hair texture, eye and skin color. Pale skin tone can be platinum—golden color and olive and darker skin tones should go for more sun kissed or honey tones," notes the artist.

It might take more than one rodeo to get there, but the result will be worth it.


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