Kylie Jenner Took Down Her Curly Updo for Two Fashion Week Hairstyles In One

Kylie Jenner Took Down Her Curly Updo for Two Fashion Week Hairstyles In One

Kylie Jenner with pink hair


Alas, after only one short week with King Kylie, she has left us again. Only seven days ago, Kylie Jenner shocked the world, confirming that 2014 is back, and her pink hair comes with it. The Tumblr-coded hairstyle quickly became the most talked about thing on the internet and made us all yearn even more for the days of galaxy print and cake pops. The dreams, we now realize, were short lived as her most recent appearance saw the star return to her dark roots.

Kylie Jenner at the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Show in Paris in a bouncy, curly greek goddess updo hairstyle

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On January 24, Jenner attended Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture show in Paris. Alongside stars like Bella Thorne, Noah Cyrus, and drag queen Alexis Stone in a full Lana Del Rey doppelganger moment, Jenner sat in the front row wearing designs from the iconic fashion house. Once we stopped grieving the death of pink Kylie and focused on the look she wore that day, we forgave her for tricking us altogether.

Photographed walking into the venue, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul looked like a goddess straight out of Greek mythology. Her entire look appeared carved out of marble, but the way her hair was sculpted was what we couldn’t look away from.

Each and every strand of hair was curled to perfection. As she walked, the little twirls bounced and moved with her steps. Parted down the side, she let the thicker group of hair fall across her face and shoulder, framing it with bigger curls. The smaller of the two groups had fewer curls and were pushed behind her ear, save for two tiny tendrils. However, almost all of the strands were pulled all the way back in a bun on the middle of her head, with a few stylish flyways sporting the same defined curls.

Kylie Jenner front tow at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show

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Once inside the venue, she switched up her hair completely. She took down her bun and was left with a tumble of bouncy curls. When she arrived at her seat, she flipped the curls to one side for a fluffy, voluminous look reminiscent of ’90s Cindy Crawford.

The hair was the perfect combination with her dress. Just as bouncy and flowy as her curls, the off-the-shoulder dress was pretty much completely sheer except for the fabric layered underneath it. The mesh moved just as much as her hair when she walked, making folds and waves just like carved marble.

To accessorize, she wore shoes that looked like she was walking on glass. Thick, chunky, platform heels, they were completely see-through down to the strap, holding her feet onto them. The only source of color was a small metal ring around her thumb to provide more support, which also helped tie in the silver jewelry on the rest of her body.

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