45 Face-Framing Hairstyles That Will Add Some Pizzazz to Your Everyday Look

45 Face-Framing Hairstyles That Will Add Some Pizzazz to Your Everyday Look

Jenna Ortega wears a shoulder-length, half-up hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

You know those hair commercials where the models toss their heads in slow motion, and their hair seems to glide effortlessly? Besides a great deep conditioner and expert styling, the key to this energy is a hairstyle featuring face-framing layers. If you’re bored of your current cut, face-framing hairstyles are one of the easiest and best ways to subtly switch it up. Whether your hair is pin-straight, wavy, or curly, there’s a layered look we just know you’ll love. Not only do face-framing hairstyles look good on just about anyone, but they create a softer look and allow for more movement, too. Ahead, see 45 face-framing hairstyles to get you inspired for your next look, complete with insights from three celebrity hairstylists.

Meet the Expert

  • Kim Kimble is a celebrity hairstylist, the founder and owner of her eponymous haircare brand, and an Emmy nominee for her work on Euphoria.
  • Priscilla Valles is a celebrity hair extensionist with over 23 years of experience, having worked with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Megan Fox. She also has a collaboration with extensions brand Glam Seamless.
  • Joseph Michael is a celebrity hair specialist based out of New York and Los Angeles. Over the years, he has worked with clients including Bella Thorne, Kiiara, and Blake Lively.

What Are Face-Framing Layers?

Face-framing layers are essentially layers in the hair that are focused on the face—think the hair along your hairline. Your hairstylist can customize them to fit your unique cut, texture, desired look, and face shape, so they’re typically a good option for anyone who wants to create a bit more volume and movement in their hair. “The best thing about face-framing layers is that they can work for everyone—all hair types, lengths and face shapes,” says celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. A face-framing hairstyle can totally transform your look without sacrificing much length, whether you prefer subtle ghost layers for weightless movement or a more dramatic shag haircut.

Not sure what style of face-framing layers will suit you best? Scroll on for 45 of the best face-framing hairstyles (plus more tips from our experts), and don't be afraid to ask your stylist for their input.

The Best Face-Framing Hairstyles to Try Now

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Messy Updo

Priyanka Chopra wears a messy updo hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

You can't go wrong with a messy updo, like the one seen here on Priyanka Chopra. "It's glamorous, tousled, and our new go-to when we want to sweep our hair up," Kimble shares.

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Curtain Bangs

Jasmine Tookes wears an updo hairstyle with curled curtain bangs

Getty Images

The ’90s are calling! “Curtain bangs are definitely having a moment and create movement around your face,” shares celebrity hair extensionist Priscilla Valles. And with an updo like this, you can let the bangs do all the talking.

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Silky Layers

Jodie Comer wears a medium-length hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

Valles says that Jodie Comer’s “haircut is soft and romantic,” and we couldn’t agree more. The silky layers allow for lots of movement, which is easy to achieve with a large curling iron.

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Middle Part Moment

Camila Morrone wears a wavy hairstyle with a center part and face-framing layers

Getty Images

"Camila is serving face," says celebrity hairstylist Joseph Michael. "With her simple curtain bangs and loose waves, she's been able to create an undone, messy look."

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Medium-Length Layers

Reese Witherspoon wears a medium-length hairstyle with soft, face-framing layers

Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon’s medium-length layers have a freshly blown-out style that would look good on just about anyone. Use some of Drybar’s Final Call Frizz & Static Control Mist ($29) to complete the look.

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Messy Layers

Hayley Kiyoko sings while wearing a shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs and messy face-framing layers

Getty Images

To achieve a messy layered look like Hayley Kiyoko’s, you have a couple options. Depending on your hair type, you can use a mousse and scrunch the hair or grab your favorite curling iron, curling the hair in different directions.

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Bangin' Layers

Elizabeth Olsen wears a long, layered hairstyle with subtle bangs

Getty Images

With face-framing layers and messy bangs, Elizabeth Olsen's undone look "can be created with short layers around the hairline and length and long layers throughout the rest of the hair," according to Michael.

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Defined Layers

Margot Robbie wears a pink gingham top and sleek hairstyle with side part and face-framing layers

Getty Images

Barbie’s Margot Robbie has face-framing layers that help accentuate her facial features. “Layering your hair can even help create the illusion of more defined cheekbones,” Kimble shares.

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Bouncy Bob

Jenna Ortega wears a shoulder-length half-up bob hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

Jenna Ortega's bob is anything but boring. With layers left hanging around her face and the top half pinned back, her style creates a soft and bouncy look.

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Statement Bangs

Dua Lipa wears an updo hairstyle with statement curved bangs over her face

Getty Images

“Dua Lipa is serving neck with her high messy updo and long wispy bangs,” Michael says. “This bang look can be created by using a flexible texture cream to achieve her sexy peekaboo pieces.” We like BondiBoost’s Volume & Texture Styling Cream with Aloe & Rosemary ($25).

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Beach Waves

Rihanna wears a long, tousled curly hairstyle with subtle face-framing layers

Getty Images

Beach waves “suit each and every face shape,” according to Kimble—and Rihanna’s ‘do is a stunning example of a layered look. Here, she embraces her natural texture, but if your hair type is different, it’s easy to copy with a simple tight curling iron and teasing brush.

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Undone Waves

Naomi Campbell wears a tousled wavy hairstyle with bangs and aviator sunglasses

Getty Images

"When it comes to the fringe bang look," Kimble says, "square or heart-shaped faces look best with wispier, feathered fringe to add softness." We love how Naomi Campbell paired this tousled, face-framing hairstyle with a statement pair of aviator sunglasses.

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'70s Blowout

Beyonce wears an ultra-long, wavy hairstyle with face-framing layers and tiny sunglasses

Getty Images

Beyoncé’s ’70s-inspired blowout is full of long layers and loose waves. Achieve this look by parting your hair down the center and curling it with a large barrel.

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Sleek Bob

Mindy Kaling wears a sleek, face-framing bob hairstyle with side part

Getty Images

"The bob cut is top-tier for the [summer] season," Kimble says. Mindy Kaling's low-maintenance, effortless bob is so easy to manage, so it's no wonder that versions of the cut have been trending all year.

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Lengthy Layers

Emily Ratajkowski wears a long hairstyle with face-framing layers and curtain bangs

Getty Images

With a blunt cut and lengthy layers, Emily Ratajkowski's glam look is serving. Her curtain bangs give the whole cut a nice finishing touch.

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'90s Updo

Keke Palmer wears a '90s-inspired updo with face-framing tendrils

Getty Images

Valles claims that “curtain bangs are having a moment,” and Keke Palmer’s hairstyle is proof of that. Her ’90s-inspired updo features pinned-up curls and bangs as the star of the show.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

Viola Davis wears a curly half-up hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

"This half-up, half-down style is the perfect flirty hairstyle to take your natural hair up a notch," Kimble says. Regardless of your hair type, this style looks great with face-framing layers.

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Side-Swept Curls

Eva Mendes wears a curled, side-swept hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

“Eva Mendes is giving a dramatic look with volume and her pageant-ready curls,” Michael says. “This look can be created by teasing the hair and setting the curls with a finishing spray.” We suggest one like Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray ($36).

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Tousled Finger Waves

Halle Berry wears a curly updo hairstyle with face-framing finger waves

Getty Images

This chic updo that Halle Berry is rocking is glamorous to the max. Use a rod curling iron to achieve the curls (or define your natural texture), and part your hair far to the side for that swooping, Old Hollywood look.

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Ombré with Fringe

Suki Waterhouse wears a tousled ombre hairstyle with bangs

Getty Images

Add some dimension to your fringe and face-framing layers by going for an ombré color. “A blonde ombré color is a great way to add depth and dimension without worrying about root regrowth,” Kimble shares.

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Timeless Blowout

Angelina Jolie wears a mid-length blowout hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

Angelina Jolie is often considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and we think a big part of that is because of her elegant haircut featuring face-framing layers. When it comes to showing off the shape and movement of your hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with a classic blowout.

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Grungy Micro Bangs

Kat Graham wears a wavy wet look hairstyle with glossy lips and micro bangs

Getty Images

“This is a chic wet look with elevated bangs,” Valles says of Kat Graham’s grunge-inspired haircut. Use a mousse to define curls, plus gel to give your style that wet effect.

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Voluminous Blowout

Debra Messing wears a voluminous blowout hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

“Debra Messing is owning her sleek voluminous blowout look,” Michael says. All you need to achieve this look is a two-inch barrel curling iron (like the 24K Gold Curling Iron, $60, from Hot Tools), plus a root lift spray (such as Tresemmé’s One Step, $7), for body and movement.

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Textured Layers

Halle Bailey wears a curly bob-length hairstyle with locs at roots and face-framing layers

Getty Images

Bobs are in, and Valles suggests adding in the Luxe Clip-In Extensions ($275+) from Glam Seamless to give the hair more texture, saying, “I always apply clip-in extensions to my clients to create more volume and bounce.”

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Bob with Piecey Bangs

Selena Gomez wears a half-up bob hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

“In order to maintain and make a thick fringe look good, its important that you make sure you balance it off with texture,” Kimble says of achieving a style like Selena Gomez’s. Top it off with something like Ouai’s Texturizing Hair Spray ($28).

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Barrel Waves

Gigi Hadid wears a long hairstyle with bouncy, curled layers

Getty Images

Gigi Hadid's long, layered blonde style was created using extensions and a barrel curling iron, and we're loving the bouncy movement and dark roots.

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Undone and Beachy

Cameron Diaz wears a loose braided hairstyle with loose face-framing layers

Getty Images

"Loving Cameron Diaz's shoulder-length bronde cut with a heavy side part and accentuated braided tail," Michael shares. It's edgy yet beachy at the same time, and the undone nature of the style means it will look effortless throughout the day.

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'70s Flair

Jennifer Lopez wears a '70s-inspired blowout with face-framing layers and aviator sunglasses

Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez sure does know how to rock a bouncy hairstyle, which you can achieve with a round brush or rollers. Just make sure to aim everything toward (not away from) your face for this ’70s-inspired effect.

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Wash and Go

Tracee Ellis Ross wears a voluminous, curly shoulder-length hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

If your hair has a naturally curly texture, choose a cut and style that embraces it. “Wash-and-go hairstyles have become the hottest trend in low-maintenance styling,” Kimble shares. With bangs and shorter face-framing pieces, this layered look is truly stunning.

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Curly Updo

Duckie Thot wears a curly high bun updo hairstyle with face-framing tendrils

Getty Images

"Duckie Thot is owning old Hollywood glam with her loose curled updo and fallen money pieces," Michael shares. "This look can be created by putting curly hair in a messy updo, [then] pulling out the front sections, allowing the pieces to cascade around the face."

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Bob with Flipped Ends

Zendaya wears a curled bob hairstyle with flipped ends

Getty Images

Zendaya’s flipped ends highlight her face in the best possible way. This style is possible to achieve with a curling iron and lots of hairspray, such as Amika’s Fluxus Touchable Hairspray ($26).

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Wolf Cut

Bella Hadid wears a layered wolf-cut hairstyle and sporty wraparound sunglasses

Getty Images

“Bella Hadid is rocking a wolf cut and giving messy bedhead,” Michael says. This trendy haircut features tons of face-framing layers done in a chunky fashion.

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Sleek Layers

Julianne Moore wears a mid-length hairstyle with sleek, subtle layers

Getty Images

Valles recommends using extensions to get a sleek, layered look like Julianne Moore's. Using your flat iron, flip the ends and layered pieces toward your face.

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Heart-Shaped Fro

Yara Shahidi wears a heart-shaped afro hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

"A heart-shaped fro is achieved by cutting your curls to mimic the shape of a heart," Kimble explains. "The top stays voluminous, while the bottom layers are strategically [placed] and slightly tapered at the nape of the neck."

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Wispy Layers

Taylor Swift wears a low updo hairstyle with bangs and wispy face-framing layers

Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s version of a face-framing hairstyle features wispy front layers and a simple bun, and we’re in love. “A sophisticated yet laid-back style like a bun with bangs is chic, casual, and extremely wearable all at the same time,” Kimble tells us.

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Mermaid Waves

Jennifer Lawrence wears a low bun hairstyle with wavy face-framing pieces and shimmery eyeshadow

Getty Images

Get J-Law’s effortless, beachy updo with the help of a waver. We suggest using something like Mermade Hair’s OG Waver ($79) and leaving your bangs out.

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Wispy Waves

Anne Hathaway wears a long, wavy hairstyle with wispy bangs

Getty Images

“Anne Hathaway is sporting wispy bangs and long wavy hair,” Michael says. “This look can be created with a texture spray and a one-inch curling iron.” One of our favorite texture sprays is Drybar’s Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizing Finishing Spray ($29).

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Wavy Layers

Sarah Hyland wears a wavy hairstyle with wispy bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

Want to copy Sarah Hyland's wavy layers? "Creating loose waves would be a great way to add some texture to your bob," Kimble says. "A straighter bang gives this look a nice contrast."

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Layered Ringlets

Alanna Arrington wears a short, curly hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

Tight ringlets like Alanna Arrington’s are easier to get than you may think, even if curls aren’t your natural texture. “This look can be achieved by using a 1/4-inch barrel iron and a lightweight smooth styling cream,” Michael shares. We’re obsessed with Dae’s Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream ($28).

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Cascading Layers

Back view of Hailey Bieber with a long, layered hairstyle cascading past her shoulders

Getty Images

Hailey Bieber’s romantic, timeless look is achievable by anyone, even those with short hair. Valles suggests using the Luxe Clip-In Extensions ($275+) from Glam Seamless: “If you don’t have long hair, applying clip-in extensions will always create that super long, romantic look.”

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Bouncy Curls

Jourdan Dunn wears a long bob hairstyle with bouncy curls and face-framing layers

Getty Images

If you want to copy Jourdan Dunn's bouncy curls, part your hair to the side and tuck one side behind your ear, securing it with a pin. Curl the pinned side toward your face and the bang side away from your face.

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Wavy Shag with Bangs

Sandra Oh wears a wavy shag hairstyle with bangs and face-framing layers

Getty Images

If you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-manage style that looks like it took more effort than it did, try out Sandra Oh’s wavy shag hairstyle. “A style like this is perfect for an easy wash-and-go look,” Kimble says. Just use something like Dae’s Hibiscus Wave Spray ($28) to finish it off.

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Undone Waves

Drew Barrymore wears an undone, tousled wavy. hairstyle with face-framing layers

Getty Images

Drew Barrymore's undone waves boast a middle part and lots of texture. "This look can be created by separating random sections and using a 1.5-inch curling iron to create soft waves," Michael explains.

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Butterfly Haircut

Jennifer Aniston wears a butterfly haircut with face-framing layers

Getty Images

The queen of face-framing layers (remember the Rachel, anyone?), Jennifer Aniston stuns with this butterfly haircut. “The butterfly haircut has a ’70s flair, with shorter layers on top blended into a series of longer layers to deliver movement and texture,” Valles says.

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Romantic Bob

Lily James wears a long bob hairstyle with romantic curls

Getty Images

Romantic curls are always a good idea. "I add in clip-in extensions for these looks to give it more bounce and volume," Valles tells us.

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