16 Renaissance Era-Inspired Hairstyles That Give Romance With a Modern Twist

16 Renaissance Era-Inspired Hairstyles That Give Romance With a Modern Twist

Back view of low ponytail hairstyle with oversized lace and pearl-encrusted bow

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Though centuries have passed since the Renaissance, many of the beauty looks of the era are still going strong—and even trending again in modern times. And it’s easy to see why: From radiant complexions to rosy cheeks and lips, Renaissance beauty was full of timeless ways to enhance your natural features, and the results are stunning. But Renaissance hairstyles might have the most staying power of all. From buns to crown braids, French braids, and styles adorned with ribbons and pearls, all these details are styles we can’t get enough of these days. Somehow, they’re just as pretty and fresh in 2024 as they were in 1624. To see what we mean, scroll on to see 16 stunning Renaissance hairstyles for major styling inspo, no matter what time period you’re living in.

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Fancy French Twist

Side view of woman with voluminous French twist hairstyle with dramatic wavy bumps

@allenthomaswood / Instagram

Throughout the centuries, no one has set the standards for beauty quite like the French. This head-turning spin on a French twist made its mark on the Prada runway as well as the collection’s campaign images.

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Rose Bud

Close-up of woman with updo hairstyle with sticks and oversized roses

@allenthomaswood / Instagram

Flowers adorning hair is a trick as old as time, yet it always feels as fresh as the buds themselves. This look, inspired by Dior’s fall 2007 campaign, takes a sleek updo to the next level with the abundant blooms.

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Pin Up Girl

Zazie Beetz wears a curly updo hairstyle with pearl pins

@lacyredway / Instagram

Here, Zazie Beetz’s gorgeous natural curls get a Renaissance hair makeover with pearl pins that match her delightful hoop earrings. Her look serves as proof that hair accessories are the ultimate way to take any style to the next level.

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Court Order

Close-up of woman with voluminous wavy half-up hairstyle and red lipstick

@allenthomaswood / Instagram

We can totally see someone sporting this romantic style in the French Court. The inspo behind this ’do was Lucille Ball’s hair in Du Barry Was a Lady, a 1943 movie—proving that Renaissance hairstyles have come back time and time again.

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Bun Fun

Regina King wearing a voluminous curly bun hairstyle with braided wrap and wing earrings

@lacyredway / Instagram

Instead of small and sleek, buns can be big and beautiful, just like the one celeb stylist Lacy Redway created for Regina King at Cannes. We can totally see how a hairstyle like this would have taken center stage in a Renaissance-era portrait—and in modern times, it photographs really well.

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Bountiful Braid

Back view of woman with voluminous, long, puffy braid hairstyle

@justinemarjan / Instagram

It’s hard to imagine a braid thicker and more luscious than this one. Next time you have a formal event, a voluminous braided hairstyle like this one is sure to make your look that much more stunning.

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On A Roll

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson wears a twisted half-up hairstyle with wavy edges and pearl earrings

@lacyredway / Instagram

The ultimate throwback, this hairstyle wouldn’t be out of place in a Renaissance painting—or on a red carpet. The rolled, half-up 'do complemented Gabriella Karefa-Johnson's Met Gala look beautifully, proving that big nights out are the perfect time to have fun with your hair.

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Twice As Nice

Back view of Olivia Culpo with a low braided bun hairstyle with bow

@justinemarjan / Instagram

A Renaissance hairstyle twofer, Olivia Culpo’s look features a braid and a bow. Both elements add interest to a classic slicked-back bun—it's truly all in the details.

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Bigger Is Better

Bigger Is Better


To make a statement, go big with an oversized braided bun hairstyle and a jumbo bow to match. The Renaissance ladies of the court would have loved this look, but it also feels incredibly modern and coquette.

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Ribbon Twirler

Back view of model with braided low updo hairstyle with corseted ribbons

@lacyredway / Instagram

We probably would have paid more attention in history class if there were more photos like this—a style created for Christian Siriano’s very balletcore spring 2024 show—in our high school textbooks. We’ll certainly be turning to “dark ballerina” energy like this to upgrade our beauty moments for seasons to come.

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Happy Tales

Side view of Tessa Thompson with a bubble ponytail with ribbon accents

@lacyredway / Instagram

A bubble ponytail is so much more when it’s jazzed up with ribbons every inch of the way. We love the fanciful yet modernized energy of this style, which is fairly simple to recreate.

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All Tied Up

Back view of Madison Beer with twisted updo with light blue ribbons

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Madison Beer is taking “all tied up in a pretty bow” quite literally with this stunning style. We don’t see bows accenting a French twist as often as other styles, so this Renaissance hairstyle feels special and fresh.

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Shelling Out

Woman with long braided hairstyle with shell accents

@lacyredway / Instagram

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Renaissance hairstyles, it’s that braids are meant to be decorated. The string of shells adds drama on par with the ultra-long plaits, proving that pigtail hairstyles are a great option for formal events.

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Pearl Jam

Back view of low ponytail hairstyle accented with bows, white ribbons, and pearl strings

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Can’t decide between pearls, ribbons, lace, and bows? Simply sport them all for a maximalist masterpiece.

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Botticelli Waves

Storm Reid wears a defined wavy hairstyle and blue eyeshadow

@stormreid / Instagram

If wearing your hair down and sans accessories is more your speed, your ideal Renaissance hairstyle just might be defined waves reminiscent of a Botticelli painting. Bonus points for painterly eyeshadow, as seen here on Storm Reid.

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Tousled Texture

Side view of woman with low tousled ponytail hairstyle with black bow at base

@lacyredway / Instagram

Here, an elegant bow beautifully ties together a relaxed, tousled hairstyle, straddling the best of both worlds.

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