12 Bubble Ponytails That Elevate the Classic Style

12 Bubble Ponytails That Elevate the Classic Style

Tessa Thompson in side profile, her hair in a bubble ponytail

Lacy Redway / Instagram

We have a soft spot for hairstyles as convenient as they are chic, and few fit that bill better than the bubble ponytail. This playful look elevates the classic style by offering opportunities to texturize and accessorize, all while keeping your hair off your face.

“Slick-back hairstyles, especially ponytails, have become a staple in the past few years for people looking for chic ways to style second (or third or fourth) day hair, and the bubble pony gives people an extra fun way to create a memorable look with your hair that still keeps it off your face,” says celebrity stylist, Nai’vasha. “All you need is a little texture spray… and some hair ties to turn an otherwise blah look into something unique.”

Ready to get swept up? Read on for 12 of our favorite bubble ponytail hairstyles.

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Put a Bow (or 5) On It

Tessa Thompson in profile, her hair in a bubble ponytail with bows

Lacy Redway / Instagram

Current status: Adding bows to our hair in every way possible, including our bubble ponies. Here, celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway accessorized Tessa Thompson’s pony with simple black ribbons (tied into bows) that are subtle from afar but add the perfect chic touch up close.

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Monochromatic Moment

Rear view of a blonde bubble ponytail

Claire Rose / Instagram

Bubble pony, but make it matchy. Claire Rose opted for a monochromatic moment with hair ties that perfectly blended into her golden locks, then accessorized with gold jewelry to tie the look together perfectly. We give this look bonus points for the lighter yellow hair tie at the bottom that flows with Rose’s balayage.

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Double Trouble

A woman with two bubble ponytail pigtails

Ruslan Nureev / Instagram

What is better than one bubble pony? Two. “The bubble pony is such a fun way to upgrade your style, [and] sometimes [it’s] even more fun to do two ponies instead of one,” says celebrity hairstylist Ruslan Nureev. “It looks modern and super flattering when the bubbles are symmetrical and even.”

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Long and Bubbly

Priyanka Chopra in profile, her hair in a long, thick bubble ponytail

Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Priyanka Chopra rocked the ultimate bubbly ponytail back in 2021, and it remains top of mind for long-hair inspo. Starting with a high pony that peeks over the crown of the head, this style requires plenty of rubber bands and a long mane. To add some looseness and flow, Chopra’s bangs were left out in a touseled, wavy, “barely touched” style to tie together the look.

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Low Bubble Pony

Presenter Maria Menuonos with a low bubble ponytail

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

If a high pony doesn’t speak to you (can relate here), the low pony lends itself just as well to the bubble trend, as evidenced by this soft look on Maria Menounos. Use small rubber elastics in one-inch intervals down the hair to achieve this tighter bubble style.

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Bubbles and Bling

Singer Griff holds out a bejeweled bubble ponytail

JMEnternational / JMEnternational for BRIT Awards / Getty Images

Griff puts the “bubble” in “bubble pony” with this perfectly puffed look. Product (specifically hairspray) and patience will be your best friends for achieving this style. The long jewel chain woven throughout the pony adds edge and bling to a look that’s already super fun.

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Baby Bubbles

Gigi Hadid with face-framing bubble accent pieces

Gigi Hadid / Instagram

A full bubble pony is fun, but face-framing baby bubble ponies are double the fun. For Gigi Hadid’s 26th birthday look, celebrity stylist Laura Polko took two small front sections of the hair and added tiny rubber elastics down each to create this perfect, Y2K-esque look.

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Make a Statement (Part)

Yara Shahidi with a deep side part and a bubble ponytail

C Flanigan / Getty Imges

Yara Shahidi’s textured bubble ponytail is a veritable head-turner. The sleekly styled statement part is the ideal base for a loose, teased bubble pony. For textured looks, Nai’vasha loves TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray ($7).

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Go for the Gold

Serena Williams with a high bubble ponytail with gold accessories

ANGELA WEISS / Getty Images

This look is fit for a queen, so naturally, Serena Williams is pulling it off fabulously. The style, created by hairstylist Vernon François, was inspired by her dress, using bold gold accessories to dress up the pony and compliment the rest of her look.

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Twists and Sparkles

Issa Rae with a long bubble ponytail and hair jewels

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

There are layers to Issa Rae’s beautiful bubble pony, and we’re obsessed with every detail, top to bottom. Styled by LaRae Burress, Rae’s hair was pulled back using overlapping twists, adding dimension to the head-adjacent portion of the look. The style was topped off with crystals around the crown for a pop of bling. The pony itself was divided into several large, bouncy bubbles. It’s giving work of art.

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Touseled Bubbles

Blake Lively, viewed from behind, her hair in a blonde bubble ponytail

 Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The art of styling a “messy” look is arguably more difficult than mastering a slicked style, but Blake Lively reminds us here why it’s worth it. This high, tousled bubble pony allows her golden locks to flow. Perhaps this was the kickoff to mermaidcore as we know it.

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Itty Bitty Bubble

Charlize Theron with a teeny tiny bubble ponytail

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

The bubble pony is a staple for big, long hair, but we couldn’t leave this bubbly tiny pony off the list. Short hair is currently all the rage (thank you, Hailey Bieber), and Charlize Theron shows us exactly how to make this trend work for above-the-shoulder cuts. Using product to slick back her hair in a low pony, Theron’s stylist added one extra elastic midway down the ponytail to give it the bubble touch—and we love it.

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