What I Use to Touch Up My Gray Roots

What I Use to Touch Up My Gray Roots

I’ve had dark hair for as long as I can remember, and going gray has never really been a consideration for me. I love my dark hair, and I’d like to keep it for as long as possible, but the older I get, the more of a challenge that becomes. As it is, I have my hair professionally colored every 5-6 weeks, but even with that rigid schedule, I find myself needing help in between.


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Of course, this is such a personal decision, and every woman has to decide for herself how she wants to approach the graying process. I often admire women with attractive gray or “salt-and-pepper” hair, but it just isn’t for me… at least, not yet! In the meantime, I keep these three products in my arsenal at all times.

Best Root Touch-Up Products for Dark Hair


Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill-InPowder w/ Brush (Brunette) // tarte Big Ego™ Dab & Go Hair Concealer (Dark Brown) // L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up (Dark Brown)

These are the root touch-up products I’ve found that work really well for me, in case you’re in need of a little “help” with concealing those pesky gray roots, as well!

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder w/ Brush (Brunette)

at Amazon // at Walmart // at QVC


I discovered this root touch-up product years ago, and I can’t be without it. It’s a transfer-proof fill-in powder that was created for ladies who have thinning in the scalp area. I have a lot of thinning around my temples that show when I pull my hair back or tuck it behind my ear, and now that it’s going gray, it looks even thinner, and this product works really well for that.

It fills in nicely so my hair looks looks fuller and thicker, and it doesn’t come off on your hands or your bedsheets, but it easily washes out with shampoo. I sometimes use it in my part, when those roots are just starting to show, but these days I prefer a spray for that.

tarte Big Ego™ Dab & Go Hair Concealer (Dark Brown) //

at tarte cosmetics // at QVC


This is a more recent discovery, and I use it mostly on my temples, but also sometimes in the part and underneath the front parts of my hair, as well. It’s a full-coverage, cream-to-powder hair concealer that you can use to touch up roots, contour your hairline, and fill in thin spots or gaps. I feel like the powder looks a little more natural, but this is easier because it doesn’t require a separate brush.

The waterproof formula comes with a built-in sponge applicator that is precise and blends in easily, and it isn’t messy at all. You can even toss it in your bag for easy, on-the-go touch-ups, although I’ve never needed to do that because it lasts all day.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up (Dark Brown)

at Amazon // at Target // at Ulta


This is the newest root touch-up product I’ve added to my arsenal and it’s perfect for tackling larger areas, namely my part. You just hold it about 6 inches from hair and spray onto new growth. Then you comb it through and let it dry for about a minute before styling or moving on with your routine.

I usually cover my shoulders with a towel to protect my clothes or pajamas, but it usually works pretty well and stays where I want it to go. I usually only need this about a week before my salon visits, since I go to often, but it comes in really handy if I have to put it off for any reason.

I’m sure there are other good root touch-up products out there. Feel free to share in the comments, if you have one we should know about!


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