Spring Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2024

Spring Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2024

Greetings, friends! The much-anticipated 2024 spring fashion trends post is here! Everyone wants to know what styles will be trending this season, and which ones are on their way out, so let’s discuss.

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First of all, remember that trends exist on a spectrum. They will gradually increase in popularity until they peak and then slowly decrease in popularity as they phase out, and where you live has a lot to do with when these trends rise and fall.

It’s totally okay to wear a variety of styles and phase them in and out of your closet over time, as your budget allows and your eyes adjust to new silhouettes.

Of course, not all trends are right for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, just skip it. You should wear what you love and what makes you feel happy and confident, whether it’s trending or not.

That said, don’t automatically dismiss everything at first glance. That’s a surefire way to end up in a style rut. Be openminded and willing to try new things, or consider how you can adapt some of these trends to work with your wardrobe and personal style.

If you aren’t sure about something, test it with something less expensive before you commit to a higher priced item. But if any of these trends do align with your style, you might want to lean into those a bit more over the next few months while they are plentiful in retail stores.

10 Wearable 2024 Spring Fashion Trends

These are what I see as the most wearable 2024 spring fashion trends for the everyday woman this season. I hope you find something that gets you excited about spring fashion!

#1. Relaxed Trousers


photo credit: LOFT

As much as I love my denim, and there’s plenty of that out there right now, trousers are also having a moment this spring. Specifically, relaxed fits and tailored styles. This is a great way to level up your casual everyday looks, or update your work wear.

I’m seeing relaxed trousers with everything from Converse All Stars and Adidas Sambas to kitten heels and loafers. Neutral colors are most popular, as these are typically associated with a more minimalistic aesthetic, but they also exist in plenty of colors as well.

Shop spring trousers below:

#2. Metallics


photo credit: Nordstrom

Metallics, especially silver, is popping up everywhere! The easiest way to incorporate metallics into your spring looks is with shoes and handbags, but metallic clothing is trending as well.

The way to keep your metallics looking less like a holiday party and more like an everyday spring look is to look for shiny and matte metallics, not sparkles and sequins.

Shop metallics below:

#3. White Dresses


photo credit: Banana Republic

This is a very specific wardrobe item, but it popped up a few times in my internet research, and then I noticed a lot of white dresses at my favorite retailers when comparing what I read in the trend reports to what is actually being sold in mainstream stores.

White dresses pair well with the metallic shoes and accessories that are also trending, and you can go for casual or dressy styles, depending on your needs. If you don’t look good in white, look for something in ecru or ivory.

I wear more dresses in spring and summer than I do in fall and winter, so I’m looking for a white one to add to my spring wardrobe. I still have the white Tommy Bahama sheath that I wore in Italy last summer, so I might add a longer style this season, for variety’s sake.

Shop white dresses below:

#4. Wide Leg Jeans + Exaggerated Hems


photo credit: Anthropologie

It’s taken a while to catch on, but the biggest denim trend this spring is by far and away the wide leg jean. I’ve even warmed up to the idea, although I still tend to reach for my flares and straight leg styles most days.

Along with the wide leg styles, exaggerated hems are trending. This includes wide cuffs, released hems, dramatic trouser hems, split hems, etc. Simple finished hems are also making a comeback, but raw hems are here too.

If wide leg jeans aren’t your thing, no worries. You don’t have to wear wide leg jeans to look current. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, when we will talk about all the big denim trends for spring 2024!

#5. Stripes


photo credit: Evereve

I know, I know… Stripes? For Spring? GROUNDBREAKING! Name that movie!

But stripes are still going strong this spring, and I can’t write this post without including them.

If you don’t like a horizontal stripe, there are lots of options for vertical stripes, mixed stripe patterns. And while the traditional nautical navy and white stripe is definitely out there, we’re seeing lots of other colors as well… especially pink!

Shop spring stripes below:

#6. Oversize Bags


photo credit: Anthropologie

From massive totes to larger-than-life messenger bags, the oversize handbag is trending for spring 2024. Bucket bags are still going strong, but the slouchy styles seem to be taking over this season, when it seems like structure and ladylike styles were big over the past few seasons.

I like a big bag because of its practicality, but on an everyday basis, I still tend to grab a smaller crossbody because I don’t really need to carry all that much. If oversized bags aren’t your thing, we will be talking about more 2024 handbag trends in a few days!

Shop oversized bags:

#7. Sporty Styles


photo credit: Evereve

Think track pants, varsity stripes, rugby shirts, chunky sneakers, etc. This is a very 90s trend, and one that I like a lot because it suits my casual lifestyle.

The key to keeping this trend looking more like streetwear for adults, and not like you’re a teenage girl headed to field hockey practice, is to incorporate a sporty item with a more traditional wardrobe piece.

Case in point: the sporty graphic tee and cool girl sneakers combined with the preppy olive utility pants and edgy leather moto jacket in the outfit above.

Shop sporty styles below:

#8. Kitten Heels + Slingbacks


photo credit: Free People

We will talk about more spring shoe trends in a few days, but I like to include at least one in this general list, and I feel like kitten heels and slingbacks are one of the defining shoe styles of the 2024 spring fashion season.

These sometimes go together, but not always. And yes, I realize they are not one of the most practical trends, but they are quite wearable, thanks to the low heel and the way the slingback helps keep the shoe on your foot if you have narrow heels, as I do.

I’m seeing kitten heels and slingbacks worn with everything from wide leg jeans for a playful, cheeky vibe, to dresses and skirts for a more traditional look.

Shop kitten heels and slingbacks below:

#9. Darker Denim Washes & Ecru


photo credit: J.Crew

We will talk about more denim trends tomorrow, but I thought I’d throw one more in here since denim is a foundational part of most of our wardrobes. Light washes are still out there, but we’re starting to see the tides turn towards the darker washes.

And while we are talking about denim washes, ecru is still going strong, and I feel like we’ll be seeing even more of it this season than we did last season when it was just starting to hit the mainstream.

Shop dark washes & ecru:

#10. Pistachio


photo credit: Anthropologie

There are actually quite a few color trends this spring, but the one that I’ll focus on for this post is pistachio. I feel like I’m seeing this one at almost every mainstream retailer right now, and it’s such a calming color for spring, I feel like it’s going to stick around. It also goes well with a lot of the other 2024 color trends – such as lavender, yellow, caramel, and “millennial pink”.

Shop pistachio green:

Spring Fashion Trends: What’s Out For 2024

And now, for the most controversial section of all… ha! I actually considered omitting this section this year because the concept of “in” and “out” is pretty antiquated at this point. The trend cycle is moving faster than ever before, and these days, personal style trumps trends, so take all of these with a grain of salt.

And remember, rashion should be fun! If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a step back and exhale. There is no right and wrong here; wear what YOU like and what makes YOU feel happy and confident.

All that said, these are some styles that were popular for a while and are looking tired to me at the moment. It might be time to put them on the back burner, so to speak.


#1. cold shoulder tops // Even though these were trending quite a few years ago, I still notice these every once in a while, so I thought I’d list it here.

It’s not that you can’t still buy cold shoulder tops or that you won’t still see some women wearing them, they look quite dated to my eye. In fact, this entire look is dated, from cold shoulder top to the low-rise ripped skinny jeans to the medallion leopard flats.


#2. waterfall cardigans // Again, these have been “out” for a while, but I get questions about them from time to time, so I wanted to add it. I loved this thermal cardigan soooo much back in the day. I had it in black as well, but I passed it on a few seasons ago.

A more updated style would be the v-neck button-up cardigan. Oooh! Jenni Kayne is 20% off today!


#3. skinny jeans // While they’re still plentiful in many stores, skinny jeans — at least the painted-on legging skinny jeans — are definitely “out” and have been for a while. You can definitely find slim cut jeans that look current, though.

If you’re a big skinny jean fan, I suggest playing around with cigarette leg styles and slim straight cuts. (And I KNOW, some have said skinny jeans are already on their way back in, but it will be a while before they’re mainstream again, and they won’t look like the ones we wore for the past 25 years… Okay, so it wasn’t 25 years; it just feels like it, lol!)


#4. tie dye // Tie dye comes in and out of style every few years, and it’s definitely on the back burner this season. It was pretty much “out” last season as well, but I had a nice black and white one that I loved and wore quite a bit anyway. I finally donated it at the end of the summer.


#5. camo // Same with camo; it comes and goes, and you may still see it occasionally, but it does not look fashion-forward at the moment.

Fall Outfit Inspo: Mustard Cardigan with Leopard Scarf

#6. animal prints // Animal prints remind me of the old Seinfeld line: “There is good naked, and there is bad naked…” Ha! Certain animal prints are classic and elegant and transcend the trend cycle, but they were EVERYWHERE for several years, and now I’m not seeing much of them at all, even in classic items like shoes and belts.

This is definitely a “you do you” situation, in my opinion. Yes, they’re classic, but even classics can look tired at times, so I would be selective with this one. If you wear them, go for more abstract prints, and animal prints other than leopard.


#7. distressed jeans // Some of you will be very happy to hear that destructed denim seems to be on its way out out. What’s in are vintage washes that look lived in, so you will definitely see distressed fabrications and light whiskering, but not the destroyed styles we were seeing so much there for a while.


#8. bell sleeves // More fluid, open sleeves are on trend, as well as blouson sleeves, but the exaggerated bell sleeve is looking dated to me.

#9. long pendants // I’ll use that picture again, because it’s the one that made me think of this one. I know they can be very flattering, but the long, single pendant isn’t really doing it for me these days. I’m sure they’ll come back around, but for now, I’m going with shorter necklaces. I still like the layered look as well as some of the newer chunky chain necklaces.

I’m sure there are so many more styles we could discuss, but these are some that popped into my mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the spring 2024 fashion trends. Just remember, none of this is a personal affront to your wardrobe choices. Wear what you love, and have fun with fashion!


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