HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection

I constantly struggle with flat looking roots and the only time I get volume that stays is when I get my hair done at the salon. I watch my stylist work the round brush like nobody’s business, but let’s face it, it’s next to impossible to replicate what they have done. My arms get tired from carrying the weight of a hairdryer and I can never get the back of my head to look as good as the sides because it’s just not the same as someone physically being back there and having the right angle and force to pull hair into obedience! Even though I know that blow-drying with a round brush at the roots is best, I have never been consistent about doing it so I look to shampoos and magical hair potions to help me fake it and I have to say that the Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection may have come to the rescue! Initially there were some products in here that I didn’t believe would work, but then *VOILA* I had volume!

HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume CollectionPress samples
7 in 1 Thickening Treatment Foam* and Perfectly Full Thickening Cream*HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection
I was very skeptical about these two products mainly because I hate the feeling of foams and creams in my hair. I hate that initial sensation of massaging either consistency into the hair and generally prefer sprays or powders because of this aversion. I’m glad I forced myself to try them because they were SO GOOD! The Thickening Cream started our feeling like a thick styling cream that I worked into damp, towel-dried hair from root to tip. When I started blow-drying, I slowly started to feel my hair get thicker! The best way I can describe it is the feeling of little microfibres between each strand of hair that seemed to make my overall head look more “plump”!
The Treatment Foam is a bit messier because it’s foam and grows in your palm, but it does add some very lightweight volume and “oomph” to my roots without feeling like there is anything in my hair at all. I definitely don’t feel the same little microfibres in my hair so I would say that the feeling of thickness is not as substantial with this product compared to the Thickening Cream.
Thick and Full Hairspray*HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection
I use hairspray quite frequently in order to hold my curls. My general styling routine is to curl my hair with either my GHD flat iron or KISS Instawave, spray the curls with hairspray and then not wash my hair for two days. The hairspray keeps the curls intact until I have to wash my hair again which is great! While I don’t find this hairspray any MORE volumizing than others I have used in the past, it does have medium hold, an invisible finish and leaves zero product buildup. I can still brush my curls without them feeling crunchy.
Volumizing Super Powder*
HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection
This type of powder volume product is not something that is completely new to me, but I can never get over the texture and how it works! This powder is used on dry hair from root to tip or anywhere you feel your hair needs a boost and starts off as a puff of virtually translucent powder, then feels like moist and then dries. Like, what?! It’s the weirdest texture, BUT it works! Make sure you spray from 2-4 inches away from the hair and don’t inhale because it really does come out like a *POOF*!
Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner*
HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection
Honestly, I had to keep going back to this duo because I kept forgetting what they were like which indicates to me that they weren’t particularly memorable. While, they didn’t flatten my hair, I didn’t notice any MORE volume in my hair than with previous shampoo and conditioner duos which is probably why I keep moving on from these two products.
HAIR | Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection
While the shampoo and conditioner were nothing too special for me, the treatments were where this collection stood out so if you are generally quite hesitant about creams and foams, give the Thickening Cream and Treatment Foam a try because I found them to be quite unique and most importantly, effective at making my hair look and feel thicker!

You can find the Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Collection at most mass drugstores.


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