HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki

HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki

HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki
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Back in December, I was introduced to the haircare brand Mayraki and was a bit hesitant to feature the brand because the product and customer service reviews were very mixed, but I have spent so much time using and enjoying the products I was sent that it seemed a waste to not let you all know how they worked out for me so just for a moment, we are going to isolate the product from the reviews and see how they did! Mayraki are probably most well-known for their anti-grey treatments, but as I don’t have too many grey hairs yet (I think I have six that I keep pulling out), the products I ended up trying and actually loving are more focused on hair repair, moisture and scalp health. The skeptic in me doesn’t believe that you can reverse greying, but to anyone who has tried Mayraki’s anti-greying products and found them to have worked – that’s awesome.
Scalp Purifying and Anti-Aging SerumHAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki

Though this product has the word “serum” in its title, it really is more like a “scalp cleanser” which is a recent hair product I have gotten into because it’s like shampoo, but a little lighter. This eliminates product build-up and debris on the scalp to allow it to absorb whatever good stuff we plan on putting on top of it after. Like skincare! I wash my hair every third day and use dry shampoo in between so I do like to give my scalp a little bit of a pre-wash before shampoo sometimes. This serum also also has a minty feeling which I find very refreshing, but if you have any active skin conditions on your scalp, it might be best to avoid using this product.

Featured ingredients are Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (stimulate scalp circulation), Sapindus mukurossi fruit extract (natural cleanser and was traditionally used to remove lice from hair…), Canarium album leaf extract (cleanses while moisturizing hair) and soybean extract (reduces breakage, shedding and can help with dandruff) just to name a few of the many plant-based ingredients in this serum. I do wish that Mayraki would provide a full ingredients list of each product instead of just listing the featured ingredients.
The scent is relatively mild, pleasantly powdery and the consistency IS actually kind of serum-like and lathers when massaged into the scalp. I keep this product mainly on my scalp and use it 1-2x/week.
Ultra Repairing and Weightless Moisture Shampoo
HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki
This is a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that promises intense hydration, repair and anti-dandruff properties. It is for all hair types and features aloe, Ginkgo biloba leaf extractSapindus mukurossi fruit extract, soybean extract, collagen amino acids and hydrolyzed wheat protein.
The shampoo lathers well, smells good and what I immediately noticed about this shampoo within the first few uses was how much LESS hair I was losing during my shower! I often pull out enough strands to make a head of Barbie’s hair, but once I started using this shampoo, I would say my hair loss was cut in half! 
The shampoo was indeed very lightweight and made my scalp and hair feel clean without stripping it of moisture as I still felt like my hair was soft after rinsing.
Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment
HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki

Now, THIS. This is the one thing that I would have to purchase because this treatment made my hair SO SILKY and not just after a few uses, it has been every time for the last 3 months! I don’t even need to use a straightener! This stuff  has been so nourishing on my heat-damaged hair that I just use this as a conditioner and don’t even need a hair mask! This can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment that is left in the hair for 10-15 minutes, but personally I have never liked this concept and would prefer to do everything in the shower. While the instructions say to leave this treatment on the hair for 10-15 minutes even in shower, I have been doing 5 minutes and already seeing a drastic difference! I also saw the difference once I started curling my hair as the curls seemed more controlled and defined.
I believe the main ingredient for this magic is Cetrimonium chloride as it is right at the top of the ingredients list and is a popular ingredient in haircare for its anti-frizz, detangling and smoothing properties though some research show its concentration should be regulated to a certain percentage to avoid sensitization.
HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki
Final verdict: Now, it seems like the negative reviews mostly revolve around shipping and timeliness of refunds so it’s unfortunate that I can’t speak to that though I might place an order of my own to see how things go. I really liked all three products I got to try from the minty tingle of the scalp serum to the smoothness of my hair using the repairing treatment. The fact that I lost so much less hair while using Mayraki was quite noticeable and it just made me keep coming back for more so that even as we speak, I am still using at least one of the products any given shower. 

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