Dua Lipa’s Spiky Bun Is Perfect For Hot Summer Days

Dua Lipa’s Spiky Bun Is Perfect For Hot Summer Days

Dua Lipa wearing a silver top


There’s a chance that when you’re reading this right now, you probably have a catchy Dua Lipa song stuck in your head. And, that’s because she’s everywhere (no, this isn’t another vacation joke). You can spot her on the cover of every magazine, her songs are all over the radio, and she’s always popping up on the red carpet. No matter where she is, she’s bound to serve a look. Case in point: The Radical Optimism singer arrived at the American Music Awards last night in one of her best yet, and it’s one we’ll be re-creating throughout the summer.

Dua Lipa wearing a spiky bun at the ACM Awards

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On May 16, the American County Music Awards kicked off in Frisco, Texas with a surprise appearance by Lipa who, later in the night, performed a duet with Chris Stapleton. The singer stole the spotlight in a sheer navy blue gown, but we couldn’t take our eyes away from her hair. She pulled her signature red hair up in a slicked-back spiky updo, an edgy take on the ballerina bun.

Dua Lipa wearing a blue dress on the carpet of the American Country Music Awards.

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Although Lipa changed into a different navy blue sheer gown for her performance later in the night, she kept her hair the same. She parted her hair down the middle and pulled it up, as you would do to create a bun. Instead of tucking away all the pieces, she left out a few strands to create a half-ponytail which provided the spiky illusion.

Dua Lipa wearing a blue dress performing at the American Country Music Awards.

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The rest of the "Levitating" singer's glam was her standard. She wore a sheer, iridescent eyeshadow that sparkled in the light with a subtle winged liner. The mauve blush on the apples of her cheeks had a slight shine and matched her lip gloss. The finishing touch was her moody manicure in a deep red shade that matched the color of her hair.


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