14 Black-Owned Hair Tools You’ll Want to Add to Cart

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Proper hair care starts with the proper resources. Whether you’re rocking a protective style like French curl braids or styling your natural coils, you need the right tools to care for your scalp and strands. And thankfully, there are plenty of Black-owned brands that can help you do just that. With their offerings, you can take down your micros faster than ever, diffuse your ringlets, secure your bust-down middle part, and add some sheen to your silk press.

Read on for 14 Black-owned hair tools we're rushing to add to our carts. 

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Kazmalaje KurlsPlus Comb

KurlsPlus Comb Kazmalaje KurlsPlus Comb $19.00 Shop

The curved handle of this comb helps it fit smoothly in the hand, while the prongs, which mimic natural fingers, make for painless detangling. And if that wasn’t enough, you can use the tip of the handle to help unravel any stubborn knots.

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PuffCuff Original PuffCuff PuffCuff $18.00 Shop

Elastic hair ties and rubber bands lead to hair damage. And even if you use the safer options, such as silk and satin, it might take multiple ties—and plenty of elbow grease—to pull back thick, textured hair. The PuffCuff helps secure curls and coils effortlessly, making it easier to rock a classic afro puff without the potential damage.

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Pattern The Blow Dryer

Pattern Beauty The Blow Dryer Pattern The Blow Dryer $189.00 Shop

Tracee Ellis Ross’ haircare brand Pattern hit the beauty scene with a splash and has been raising the bar ever since. The Blow Dryer is specifically designed for textured hair, featuring four curl- and coil-friendly attachments: A brush, a wide-tooth comb, a concentrator nozzle, and a diffuser. And the chic hue is extremely shelfie-friendly.

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Magic Fingers Magic Helper

Magic Fingers Magic Helper Magic Fingers Magic Helper $70.00 Shop

This tool makes DIY hair days a snap. The center of the palm holds gel, while the fingers are great for draping extensions, leaving your hands free to style. And it clamps onto a chair or foldable table easily.

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Charlotte Mensah Medium Paddle Brush

Charlotte Mensah Brush Charlotte Mensah Medium Paddle Brush $30.00 Shop

Unlike other paddle brushes, the bristles on Charlotte Mensah’s Medium Paddle Brush are thick enough not to collapse in on themselves, standing firm through the detangling process. It’s suitable for all hair types, so you can use it to maintain your sew-in, quick weave, or natural hair.

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Latched & Hooked Scalp Soothie

Latched & Hooked Scalp Soothie Latched & Hooked Scalp Soothie $120.00 Shop

This stimulating scalp massager is a game changer. Yes, it helps lift product build-up, but you can also use it to soothe your neck. Plus it is totally rechargeable, so no batteries are necessary.

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SwirlyCurly Snappee Hair Ties

SwirlyCurly Snapee Hair Ties SwirlyCurly Snappee Hair Ties $16.00 Shop

Traditional hair ties can get caught in the hair, leading to breakage. These soft and stretchy ties are designed to limit that. Along with black and brown, they're also available in fun hot pink and purple shades.

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The Original UnBraider II

The Original UnBraider II The Original UnBraider II $55.00 Shop

The Original UnBraider II makes taking out braids a cinch. No, really: It can help detangle up to eight braids at once. Use it to take down a sew-in or remove box braids in less time than it’d take to watch an episode of Insecure.

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Dosso Beauty Foldable Edge Brush

Dosso Beauty Foldable Edge Brush Dosso Beauty Foldable Edge Brush $3.00 Shop

Edge control brushes are essential tools, but their size can be a pain. You can tuck this foldable option from Dosso Beauty into your bag and keep your edges in order on the go.

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Afropick Afropick Afropick $15.00 Shop

Afropick's vibrant picks are virtually indestructible. They feature beautiful colors and help your fro pop to its fullest potential. 

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Waversdreams Purple 360 Curved Wave Brush

Waversdreams Wave Brush Waversdreams Purple 360 Curved Wave Brush $35.00 Shop

Available in two levels of firmness—there’s also a Soft-Medium ($35) option—this brush is great for low-cut hairstyles. Use it before tying your durag, and get ready for impeccable waves.

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Joiful Bee 'Hold You Down' Hair Sectioning Clips

Joiful Bee Clips Joiful Bee ‘Hold You Down’ Hair Sectioning Clips $15.00 Shop

Sectioning clips are a must for DIY styling; use them to gather one section of your hair while tending another. These from Joiful Bee are tough and can hold large sections easily. 

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The Wig Fix The Renatural No-Slip Wig Grip

Wig Fix The Renatural No-Slip Wig Grip The Wig Fix The Renatural No-Slip Wig Grip $25.00 Shop

The Renatural No-Slip Wig Grip helps keep wigs and weaves secure and sanitary. It's available in clear and semi-transparent shades that mimic skin tones, is made of lightweight silicone that doesn't sweat, and is adjustable. It's an ideal choice for beginners looking to experiment with wigs for the first time.

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Bread Beauty Supply Scalp-Thingy

Bread Beauty Supply Scalp Thingy Bread Beauty Supply Scalp-Thingy $18.00 Shop

This scalp massager is easy to grip with two fingers, with well-spaced, extra-long prongs that can reach the scalp no matter your hair texture. And, since it's 100% silicone, cleaning it is a breeze. 

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